Video marketing trend in Europe

The growing importance phenomenon of content marketing is not something that is limited to the American market. European companies are also becoming increasingly significant and quickly incorporating this practice into their video marketing budgets. Businesses in Europe are also taking on the virality offered by content sharing via social media.

How should you use Videos to sell your products and services in Europe?

Video marketing strategy is the new way to present the roots of a company, a project, a product or service. But before you bet on it, you must be clear how to implement a video marketing strategy to communicate your business.

  1. Objective 1: CONTENTS. Consider what you are going to promote or sell in your communication strategy through video marketing.
  2. Measure the KPI’s (key performance indicator). Which goals are you going to score? The performance indicators are used to measure the number of reproductions that your video will have as well as the number of clicks or interactions that occur among your users.
  3. Define your audience. You will have to study ‘in depth’ who you are going to direct your product, therefore, it will be necessary to determine your target audience taking into account factors such as sex, age, demographic situation, profession, etc.
  4. Video Marketing Platforms. When you already have your target audience and the content you want to cast, now it is possible to consider which platforms are the most appropriate to establish your strategy:

– Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest).

– Paid Ads (Facebook Ads).

– Vimeo. It’s a digital platform where users can upload and share their videos with their audience, who can also share it on their other social networks. This social network is gaining more followers every day.

– Youtube: the most used channel by users to apply these types of strategies due to two key factors: usability and positioning in the main search engines.

– Snapchat. This application is growing on the Internet. It consists of a social network in which you can upload all kinds of files (photos, videos, texts) to a specific list of users but with a peculiarity: you decide the time of visibility (one to ten seconds maximum).

  1. Do not forget to control your Web Analytics! You have to measure daily on which platforms your reproductions have more impact and in which they work better. It will not be the same if you post a video on Facebook than on YouTube, you may have more impact on the first one, or vice versa. For this, you will have to use Web Analytics to measure the repercussion of your audience: demographic data, number of interactions, number of likes, etc.
  2. Analyze the results. You have already launched your video marketing campaign; you already have the results of the repercussion, right? By setting the results you can already analyze which channels are better to publish your videos. Do not forget that trends change and the behaviors of your audience do so as well.

In a fully digital environment such as the one in which internet access devices encourage the use and consumption of video, the need to promote the use of videomarketing in any of the marketing strategies becomes paramount.

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