3 Tips for creating Facebook video ads in Europe

With all the modifications that Facebook has been making in its policies and algorithms, the organic visibility that can reach the publications of almost any page of a company in this social network has become fewer. On the other hand, and since everything is not always negative, those same strategies that mostly seek to monetize their platform by pushing companies to use paid campaigns or Facebook Ads have made their advertising tools more evolved and improved.

One trend that is consolidated in this social network is video, and of course, is a great format for your Facebook Ads. Keep in mind that the videos represent an increase of the visibility, thanks to an increase of the reproductions superior to 50% (according to Facebook themselves).

The company pages, therefore, can increase their notoriety and sales using the video format in their ads; although, most of the small and medium-sized companies that want to advertise on Facebook often have many doubts when planning their strategy and advertising investment.

Facebook Ads is the platform, system or tool with which you can carry out all types of advertising campaigns within the largest social network in the world and Instagram. The ads of these two super social platforms can be beneficial for any brand, company, business, professional, etc. which wants to become much more visible. It helps promoting both themselves and their products and/or services, before millions of users (or potential customers) in them.

This social media advertising tool, among other characteristics, allows us to create different types of publications and segment them according to the particularities of the target to which they will be directed through some different parameters such as:

– Country or city of residence

– Language

– Sex

– Civil status

– Customs, interests or tastes of the user

3 Tips for creating Facebook video ads in Europe.

  1. Define objectives and goals

Objectives are what you want to achieve using an ad campaign in general; goals are what you want to reach specifically within the same campaign. They are two different things, for example:

The main objective – increase the sales of my online store

Goals – increase a 25% of my sales through online advertising

Goals – Not investing more than 15% of the value of my products with online advertising.

  1. Define your audience

Segmentation is one of the stages that can influence the success of any Facebook Ads campaign. So you must proceed to define the different fields of your segmentation in search of that ideal audience, that is to say, the Facebook user with whom we want to interact.

  1. Define your budget

Budgets can be set for a full period of time (campaign) or for an average daily expenditure. Keep in mind that the budget is set for a whole set of ads, not per advertisement. To better control our investment, we would only have to optimize it by choosing one of the available options and deciding what the maximum bid amount would be best for our interests.

It is the small companies and entrepreneurs who could get very good advantages to plan an adequate investment in Facebook Ads, because with a very little budget they would manage to obtain a fairly wide audience and, if they correctly segment, they will receive  attractive results.

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