Live Action Video

Corporate Video, Testimonial Video,  Wedding Video, Event Video, Training Video etc.

Live action video is great for businesses who have a tangible product that they want to share with the world and often tell a fictional story, or demonstrate a common scenario surrounding a product. They are often used to build consumer trust, and highlight the personality of a business. 

Animated Video

Explainer Video, Infographics, Typography Video etc.

An animated corporate video can actually be a great tool for your business to explain complex ideas, tools, and services. You may think that animation isn’t “serious” enough for some uses, but animation makes a complex or difficult topic more accessible and interesting, and less intimidating. Unlike regular human actors, animation has no real age, race, or nationality. As the Internet increasingly becomes a global marketplace, you want your videos to appeal to all types of people in all places.

Marketing Video

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ads, Product review, Cooking Timelapse  etc.

As the average person’s viewing habits are switching from television to the internet, it’s becoming more and more necessary for businesses and organisers to maintain a presence there. One of the best ways to do this is to use social media, and one of the best ways to get noticed is with a video.

There are an increasing number of trending social media sites out there, but at the moment, the big ones are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Choosing which of these is important because you won’t want to waste time on platforms that will be ineffective.

Professional Video Editing

Do you have video footage – but lack the know-how to put it together? Do you dream of creating a video that will connect with your audience, but find yourself overwhelmed trying to learn even basic software?

I work with a full suite of industry-grade software, including  Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and more.

Japanese Spokesperson Video

A video spokesperson with a clear message can give customers a whole new perspective on your business. Video makes it much easier to highlight your products and services, and engage your audience! 

They can give your brand a face and make your company and services “real,” resulting in more conversions, leads, and prospects.

Japanese Voice Over

Do you need a professional Japanese voiceover? We have a team of experienced and devoted voiceover artists which can make your dream come true. Whether your online business is about beauty products or cotton jeans, whether you provide IT related services or online medical assistance, our voiceover artists can read out your script realistically. We give life to words and present you a voice which sells.

From commercial scripts to instructional to video sales letter, whatever it is, we can do it as perfectly as possible!